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From aspiring founders to early stage entrepreneurs,
we can scale your vision into a thriving business
We enable founders to achieve their startup dream.

To build unicorns, you need to think outside the box and accept that risk and failure are part of the journey. We don’t copy/paste the
Silicon Valley model and expect it to work. We’ve learned from decades of local experience in building ventures. Together with our
corporate partners, global network, and founding teams, we’re intentionally and diligently designing a roadmap for innovation and
prosperity that is uniquely African.

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Scaling to the new markets, raising capital, getting clarity on business directions requires practical know-how of the business environment and market conditions.

We’ve worked with startups a range of Verticals from fintech to edtech to energy. We provide various consulting services to startups, such as business model development, investment attraction strategy, expansion to new markets strategy, financial model, business plan, and other services.

Collaborate Startup Programs

Apply for Industry Collaborative Programs
Validate your startup technology with industries’ leading corporations
We put together a collaboration program bringing startups and corporate leaders together to transform industries on a global scale through technology

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As part of the Techstar network, companies and startups have access to over 300+ perks value at over $1million

Transforming the UX design for a rising fintech

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Building and developing and incredible team

Talent enables our portfolio companies to build, manage, and develop highly successful teams by offering them resources that give a competitive advantage when it comes to hiring talent.

Learn by doing

Shape your idea into a viable business with the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit.

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