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[yprm_heading heading_size=”h3″ font_weight=”700″ custom_font_family=”proxima-nova” heading=”We brings together the innovation community to grow the economy and make an impact.” uniqid=”5f29ac9d54329″ css=”{}” sub_heading=”What we do”]

From advisory services to connections to talent, capital, customers and more, We offers a range of high-value services that help high-growth companies succeed. We also provide access to the African ecosystem, a curated community of entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, academics and government partners.

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[yprm_heading heading_size=”h4″ font_weight=”700″ custom_font_family=”proxima-nova” heading=”Here’s how we can help you.” uniqid=”5f96fcec3f7ec” sub_heading=”Our Services” sub_heading_hex=”#424242″ heading_hex=”#595959″ css=”{}”]

From early-stage startups to companies with significant market traction and serial entrepreneurs looking to grow their latest venture,Prime Startup offers programs  that will help you succeed—all tailored to your company’s stage of growth.

To see relevant programs for your startup

[yprm_button style=”style4″ arrow=”” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fstartuplagos.olumideolayinka.com%2Fcommunity-2%2F|title:View%20Program” css=”{“tablet_portrait“: {“margin-top“: “78“},“tablet_landscape“: {“padding-top“: “-20px“}}” uniqid=”5f9712b662118″]
[yprm_tabs][yprm_tabs_item uniqid=”5f9a56ffc3deb” heading=”Startup”][yprm_icon_box style=”style5″ uniqid=”5f9a575c59a40″ css=”{}” title_color=”#1d41b7″][yprm_icon_box_item uniqid=”5f9a576a3ad86″ heading=”Advisory support” desc=”Benefit from expert advice on all aspects of business; attract and retain highly-skilled worker” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fstartuplagos.olumideolayinka.com%2Fstartup-new%2F|title:Startups”][yprm_icon_box_item heading=”Startup Workshop” desc=”Veteran entrepreneurs helping companies starting out and scaling up.” uniqid=”5f9a5c1338361″ link=”url:%23″][yprm_icon_box_item heading=”Connections to partners” desc=”Build valuable relationships with potential customers, corporates, governments & fellow startups.” uniqid=”5f9a5c4138904″][yprm_icon_box_item heading=”Innovation Challenges” desc=”Competitions that challenge Canadian innovators to solve pressing societal problems.” uniqid=”5f9bc3847d356″][yprm_icon_box_item heading=”Market Entry & Product Launch” desc=”Market entry is one of the most pivotal steps for a business. We are an international relationship builder in the technology and startup scene offering events, Programmes, tours, intelligence, and venture capital.

We work with corporates, startups , investors and businesses to help them enter and operate in Africa’s major tech-enabled markets. Join us in Nigeria, Ghana, to integrate into Africa’s top tech ecosystems. We will help you invest in local startups, expand your business operations or reach the African tech-enabled consumer.” uniqid=”5f9bc485f4e9d”][yprm_icon_box_item heading=”Events” desc=”We organize high-quality, content-driven events and programmes that enable specialist communities to meet, connect, network and share knowledge.” uniqid=”5f9e64d5b8da9″][/yprm_icon_box][/yprm_tabs_item][yprm_tabs_item uniqid=”5f9a5caf1f75f” heading=”Corporates”][yprm_icon_box style=”style5″ css=”{}” uniqid=”5f9a5f6c83d98″ title_color=”#281bb7″][yprm_icon_box_item heading=”We connect partners to the African ecosystem.” desc=”Learn more about our offerings for corporate, government and community/academic partners.” link=”title:%23″ uniqid=”5f9bc3b2af623″][yprm_icon_box_item heading=”Corporate Innovation” desc=”Helping corporations bridge innovation gaps to drive competitive advantage.

We enable structured access to high growth startups. We provide corporate partners with exposure to our startup ecosystem and access to qualified and strategically aligned early and growth stage startups.” link=”url:%23″ uniqid=”5f9bc3e963651″][yprm_icon_box_item heading=”Innovation Challenges” desc=”Competitions that challenge African innovators to solve pressing societal problems.” uniqid=”5f9bc41da2b0e”][yprm_icon_box_item heading=”Stakeholder Partnership” desc=”Engage and Embed with the African Startup Ecoystem” uniqid=”5f9bc444b0e14″][yprm_icon_box_item heading=”Innovation Labs” desc=”We build bespoke programmes for each client, putting innovation teams through a stage-gated process while helping the business build new capabilities and establish new frameworks to scale ideas.” uniqid=”5f9e67b596041″][/yprm_icon_box][/yprm_tabs_item][yprm_tabs_item uniqid=”5f9a5cf9dc5a6″ heading=”Talent”][yprm_icon_box style=”style5″ css=”{}” uniqid=”5f9e530049a1e” title_color=”#1830a5″][yprm_icon_box_item heading=”Asterix” desc=”Career guidance tool helping workers prepare for the future of work.” link=”title:%23″ uniqid=”5f9e5d48c0746″][/yprm_icon_box][/yprm_tabs_item][yprm_tabs_item uniqid=”5f9e58b4c93b7″ heading=”Investors”][yprm_heading heading_size=”h6″ font_weight=”600″ uniqid=”5f9ef6142371a” heading=”We provide VCs and investors front-line access to Africas’s most promising early-stage startups.” heading_hex=”#1a43b2″ css=”{}”][yprm_icon_box style=”style5″ css=”{}” uniqid=”5f9e6e1898bdf” title_color=”#1b39b5″][yprm_icon_box_item heading=”Stakeholder Engagement” desc=”Connect with the local startup Ecosystems Our direct access to a wide network of stakeholders ( Technical talents, founders, innovators, Industry experts etc ) guarantees our clients a bespoke access to up-to-date insight with respect to realities in doing business in Africa’s markets vis-à-vis its untapped investment avenues and hard to reach customer segment” link=”url:%23″ uniqid=”5f9e5941eabc2″][yprm_icon_box_item heading=”Connections to partners” desc=”Build valuable relationships with potential customers, corporates, governments & fellow startups.”][yprm_icon_box_item heading=”Innovation Challenges / Pitch Competitions” desc=”Competitions that challenge African innovators to solve pressing societal problems.” uniqid=”5f9e59f7b856d”][/yprm_icon_box][/yprm_tabs_item][/yprm_tabs]

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